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Use the power of habits to start working out at home.
Easy, simple & doable.
Most suitable for complete beginners

Direct support to start your fitness journey

I'll be able to see the habits and workouts you do as you log them on the app, and you can comment on your workout and directly message me for questions, feedback, celebrations etc.


You also get a weekly check in via message/email; because feeling supported matters. I am on your team!


Start small & get confident

Use the power of habits to start moving and without monumental effort, create time, space and confident to workout at home.

You'll start with the simplest of daily movement habits which you will track on the app. This small habit will build and add on in week 2, 3 and 4, until you're doing a small workout 3 times a week by week 4! 

Take the time to break down and learn each new movement pattern as it is introduced with form videos and coaching notes.


Use what you have

You only need yourself, some space, and a long resistance band (for week 2 onwards). A sturdy chair can be a helpful prop for some exercises if needed. 

Because starting to exercise and get stronger doesn't need to be complicated or expensive. Start with what you have.


Fits into your life and your budget

Start (almost) instantly! You'll receive an email invite to the app within 24 hours and can specify your start date upon purchasing.

One-to-one support for less than £7.25/week?! Now that's a no-brainer!!

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