Healthy Happy Strong Plan

12 week fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching for women who want to feel at home in their bodies, find food freedom and step into their strength

COMING SOON - 24th January 2022

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You need expert, compassionate, caring coaching. You need someone who cares for all of you. 

- meet your coach, Caroline Dunne - 


You want to feel lighter, stronger, fitter, more confident and vibrant.

But you're confused, miserable, tired of things that don't work, stuck in negative self-talk and desperate for change.

We're doing things differently.

Change that STICKS and feels great in body AND mind.

You are WHOLE and I believe in coaching you holistically, taking into account all the challenges you face and helping you create not just your full picture of health, but JOY as well.

This 12 week online coaching programme teaches you:







You'll learn:

  • how small changes lead to remarkable results
  • how habits, mindset and creating identity are the key to your success - NOT willpower
  • how consistency is FAR MORE important than perfection
  • how to create balanced meals that support your goals WITHOUT being on a diet, feeling deprived, giving up all the food you love, and surviving on a lettuce leaf and fresh air
  • how to make movement work for you - in your body and your life
  • the difference the support of like-minded individuals can make; supporting you, firing and raising you up
  • how sweating, playing and growing stronger together can feel so amazing
  • how to explore what works for you with curiosity, compassion and kindness

Fitness Group

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This is what you get:

  • 12 weeks of app-based workout programme tailored to your experience level (value £660!)

  • week by week nutrition and mindset coaching including training videos, journals and coaching tasks (value £360!)

  • weekly online group support & accountability circle calls (value £84!)

  • weekly online community workout to connect and get a sweat on together


  • access to our support group where you can ask questions and connect with, support and fire each other up (value - priceless!)



1. You get ME; personal trainer, yoga teacher, nutrition coach, wellness fanatic and science geek with a decade of experience in education; coaching you and cheering you on every step of the way. Direct access to me via messaging and in our online group.


2. EXTRA WEEK OF COACHING: Intro Week is a special add-on, making this a 13 week course where we get to know each other, deeply connect and plant the seeds for the weeks to come. (£98)

3. WELCOME PACK - receive through the post some amazing goodies to start and support you on your 12 week journey.

4. Option to add on more one-to-one support (extra payment required)​

Total value of £1199 - you get this 12 week programme for just £595!



if you're in the first cohort

you get this for just £495 + exclusive EXTRA bonus! (shhh, it's exclusively reserved for those on my mailing list list!!)

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This is an exciting new programme and I will be collecting testimonials from the first cohort, but in the mean time, you can check out my one-to-one testimonials here

A rough guide:


Sounds great but already thinking more?!

There will be a second follow-on 12 week course available for those who want to deep dive further into mindset, stress, sleep, well-being and personal development; those who are serious about investing the time in themselves to create long-lasting results!


The Plan cares for all of YOU. We care for you personally, individually, and appreciate all the messy difficulties that happen in your life.

We teach you how to get strong, fit, happy, healthy and confident; in mind, body and spirit... if you're just beginning, or wanting to go next level.

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Hi, I'm Caroline Dunne


I have a question for you:
Why haven't you made the changes you want to make in your life yet?
Why haven't they stuck long term?
Why do so many people struggle to exercise more, eat better, feel great about themselves, and have the energy they need in their life?
There fitness industry has been doing things wrong; we put people in boxes, we separate goals and skills. We chuck out random advice, we propagate false myths, we encourage diet culture and we don't look after our clients minds. 
The HUGE and OBVIOUS problem:
You are HUMAN. And humans are (gloriously) messy and complicated.
You need more than just a set of rules to follow and exercises to do.
You need to understand yourself, with curiosity and compassion.
You need a community to raise you up and support you.
You need an understanding of how your body AND mind works.
Too often, you don't know where to focus, you don't know what's working and you have no clue how to start or what the next step is.


And that's ok.
You need to learn how to build habits and skills, and how to link them to your identity.


It's SMART to want to fast track your success then stumble around for a year or two trying to implement change and achieve your goals.
It's SMART to invest in a coach, because that's investing in yourself. 
You need someone with a proven track record, who is unafraid to learn and grow with you. 
That's why I'm inviting you to join The Group Coaching Plan.
Do yourself this extraordinary favour and save YEARS of mistakes.

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Can I do this?
Will it work for me?
Do you want it to?
Then yes.
I have struggled my way through learning how to feel better, how to get fitter, stronger, change my mindset, how to make habits stick, improve my energy, positivity and understand, learn and study how our mind and body's work. 
10 years ago, I'd have happily told you that the only thing I liked about my body was my wrists (they were small).


My experience of life turned around when I started exercising consistently, prioritising eating well and sleeping, and then a whole other level again when I started working more intentionally on my mindset. I am INSPIRED to help you feel that way too.
Yes, you have to do the hard work, but you don't have to do it alone. We can make this such a great experience for you; support you, raise you up, show you the next steps and care for you.
I'll see you on the inside.