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The Healthy Habits Plan

The 7 day challenge

  Caroline Dunne


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The habits that will transform your life

Each day add a small health habit and a type of gentle movement. Build your deep health by focusing on not just your physical but your mental and emotional health too. Complete with your 7 day guide, a habit tracker, top tips and a weekly reflection, you have all the tools you need to succeed this week. You'll receive your 7-day plan via email the instant you sign up as a downloadable pdf!


The difference? It's doable!

Change is hard. We do caring, curious and kind here. Even when we think we're starting small, often we're not, and we get frustrated and disappointed at another thing that didn't work. Use the science of behaviour change and habit-building to create change that feels good in mind, body and spirit. If you have a super busy life, are a complete beginner or feeling stuck - then this is for you. You CAN do this.

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