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Healthy HappY Plan

12 week nutrition and mindset online course for women who want to improve their relationship to food, improve their nutrition and step into self-confidence

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You'RE IN the right place if:

  • But you're confused, miserable, tired of things that don't work, stuck in negative self-talk and desperate for change.

  • You know a lot of what you need to do, but you can't seem to figure out how to do it - and how to make it stick long term!

  • You're stuck in the same cycle of gaining/losing weight, and trying/failing at diets.

  • You want to improve your relationship with food, and find more freedom.


  • You feel low in confidence & energy and you just want to feel like yourself again 

  • You're sick of feeling tired, stressed out and know you could be managing your stress and your sleep better

Are you ready to make peace with food?

You need expert, compassionate, caring coaching. You need someone who cares for all of you. 

- meet your coach, Caroline Dunne - 


Meet your coach,
Caroline Dunne

I help you achieve your health goals by using a whole picture. I believe that physical health is deeply intertwined with every facet of a person's life: relationships, mindset, spirituality and more. 

A deep health approach is about honouring who you are as a person right now, and stepping to who you want to become and how you want to feel.

You won’t see me post before and after pictures. You’re not a before. You’re not an after. Your progress isn’t just a number or a picture and doesn’t accurately show your non-scale victories. Those results are not down to me - I give you the tools and then it’s your hard work and consistency that gets you there. We’re a team, and you never have to give up anything, take up anything or do anything you’re not ready, willing and able to do.

Coaching is not about me.


It’s about you - your challenges, your goals and your progress.

I believe the magic is already in you - and together we will find it.

This is what you get:

  • week by week self-paced online nutrition and mindset learning including coaching videos, journals and tasks (value £120!)

  • Start anytime, and pick your start date upon sign up.

  • 24/7 support and accountability through direct messaging, plus a more detailed weekly check-in. You get ME on your team; personal trainer, yoga teacher, nutrition coach, wellness fanatic and science geek with a decade of experience in education; coaching you and cheering you on every step of the way. (value = priceless!)



1. 60 minutes of ONE-TO-ONE coaching included!! To be used at anytime during the course at the most helpful point for you. (£60)


2. EXTRA WEEK OF COACHING: Intro Week is a special add-on, making this a 13 week course where we plan and plant the seeds for the weeks to come. (£27)

3. WELCOME PACK - receive through the post some amazing goodies to start and support you on your 12 week journey. (£58)

4. Option to add on more one-to-one support (extra payment required)​

Total value of £265

Investment: pay in full for 12 weeks for just £99!


  • weekly learning, including activities to complete and journal questions

  • variety of content including video, audio, worksheets and more hands-on activities

  • easily, digestible chunks of information, broken down per week

  • opportunity to discuss and ask questions with me through direct messaging

  • fully comprehensive and caring content, including mindset, food relationship, finding a meaningful reason for change, and nutrition 'how to' education.

  • learn at your own pace; a guideline of tasks for the week is given but you set the pace.

  • reflection and evaluation opportunities built in.

You will be prompted to create an account first - then click 'join' and wait for page to load.

Happy Girl Texting

You'll learn:

  • how small changes lead to remarkable results
  • how habits, mindset and creating identity are the key to your success - NOT willpower
  • how consistency is FAR MORE important than perfection
  • how to create balanced meals that support your goals WITHOUT being on a diet, feeling deprived, giving up all the food you love, and surviving on a lettuce leaf and fresh air
  • how to make movement work for you - in your body and your life
  • how to explore what works for you with curiosity, compassion and kindness
  • build skills, behaviours and routines that last

You will be prompted to create an account first - then click 'join' and wait for page to load.

A rough guide:


How it works

Hi, I'm Caroline Dunne


I have a question for you:
Why haven't you made the changes you want to make in your life yet?
Why haven't they stuck long term?
Why do so many people struggle to exercise more, eat better, feel great about themselves, and have the energy they need in their life?
There fitness industry has been doing things wrong; we put people in boxes, we separate goals and skills. We chuck out random advice, we propagate false myths, we encourage diet culture and we don't look after our clients minds. 

You will be prompted to create an account first - then click 'join' and wait for page to load.

Can I do this?
Will it work for me?
Do you want it to?
Then yes.
You are HUMAN. And humans are (gloriously) messy and complicated.
So, you need more than just a set of rules to follow and exercises to do.
You need to understand yourself, with curiosity and compassion.​
You need an understanding of how your body AND mind works.
There is space here for you to be imperfect.
Too often, you don't know where to focus, you don't know what's working and you have no clue how to start or what the next step is.


And that's ok.
You need to learn how to build habits and skills, and how to link them to your identity.


It's SMART to want to fast track your success than stumble around for a year or two trying to implement change, and stop-starting your efforts.
It's SMART to invest in a coach, because that's investing in yourself. 
You need someone with a proven track record, who is unafraid to learn and grow with you. 
That's why I'm inviting you to join The Healthy Happy Strong Plan.​

Sign up

Fill in the application form so I can learn a little about you, and to help confirm this is the right programme for you. Sign up at any time and pick your own start date. Get instant access to the course materials.


Allow 24 hours for your on-boarding questionnaire to come through. Fill it out with as much detail as possible and send it back to me, 


Allow 24 hours for your email invite to TrainHeroic to come through - follow in the instructions in the email to give access to your workout programme.

Let's go!

You're all set! Dive on into the course materials, set a plan and complete your first workout. Your journey starts!

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