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One-to-one CoachinG

I help women come home to their bodies, and unlock holistic, long-lasting confidence, strength, peace and power in themselves.

I'm interested in changing your life; a client-first, compassion-first approach that allows you to incorporate your health goals into a lifestyle that works for you, and packages provide the best way to deliver outstanding and holistic support that truly care for the individual. I believe wholeheartedly in making small, sustainable changes that will ultimately transform your life. 

 I don't want to seduce you with promises of easy, simple work and fast results. I want to help you expand your capacity to experience complexity and discomfort. I want to help you build the wisdom, discernment and stamina that will carry you through the longer journey it takes to build something with strong roots and sustainability.

This is what sets me apart; I take a much more rounded approach to improving your life. These are not just quick fixes; I give you the tools to feel how you want to feel.


I believe the magic is within you, and together we will find it.

That's my ultimate goal; to empower you.

Why choose me?

Prepare for a completely different approach. I am not just a personal trainer.
I don’t have your average personal trainer skill set. I am unique in offering a holistic care package; fitness, wellness, nutrition, stress, sleep, mindset and yoga. I offer a very different approach from a personal trainer: I coach from a holistic, client-centered, compassion-first change perspective.
I am not the expert instilling something that is missing in you: YOU are the magic, the strength and the true expert in your own life and challenges. Coaching with me is about tapping into that which already exists in you, and bringing that forth to create your own journey.
Coaching with me is about stepping into your own personal confidence, strength, peace and power.
My education background is in Science and then I taught Chemistry in a secondary school for 10 years; managing teenagers is not to be underestimated! I am a highly experienced educator and motivator and I excel at encouraging growth mind set; the belief that you can do it.
Science backed, soul led.
I am trained in vinyasa flow yoga. Yoga helps connect your mind and body - it helps create both strength and suppleness in your body, as well as peace and equanimity in your mind. We can help build safety and connection with your body, breath and nervous system. We can explore breathing, meditation and mindfulness to build the relationship with your thoughts and the connection you have to everything around you.
I study, practice and embody wellness tirelessly; I am currently studying IFS (internal family systems) to help clients dive deeper into their past experiences, self-belief, body-image and distresses with food. Learn more about my mindset coaching here.
We pursue what YOU are most interested in and we build your journey together:
as a team, with you at the helm.

Qualifications and Education

Degree in Medical Biochemistry


Masters in Education

Level 2 Gym Instructing

Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

Level 3 Nutrition

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach

200 hour yoga teacher training with Frog Lotus Yoga

TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills (RQF)

Level 1 EFT (emotional freedom technique) with The EFT Centre

Internal Family Systems Informed Practitioner (IFS Institute Online Circle and Stepping Stones with IFSCA)

Connect, Restore, Reclaim: Healing the Interconnected Legacies of Individual, Ancestral and Collective Trauma (Thomas Hubel & Dick Schwartz)

Coming soon:

Integrative Somatic Parts Work Certificate, Levels 1, 2, and 3 with the Embody Lab

Integrating Somatic Techniques in Therapy with Life Architect


Read on to find out more:

Free initial consultation

Your first session is free! Be prepared for this to take longer than the normal hour as the extra time is to ensure a thorough understanding and assessment of your personal fitness history, nutrition, lifestyle, goals and motivators.

Your personal training

Receive a programme which has time and thought put in to make it completely tailored to you, and see progress towards your goals quicker than you think. You choose a monthly plan that includes either one or two weekly training sessions. If so desired, a custom plan of exercise sessions to complete outside of your contact time can also be designed for you. Be prepared to do exercise you enjoy, not just ‘get down and give me 20!’, however, be prepared to work HARD in your sessions.

You will receive an invitation to have an account with my app, which will allow you to view you workouts, log your progress and your nutrition – all in an easy handy place where I can see and communicate with you. The app is a fantastic way to stay accountable and to help you feel like ‘we’re in this together.’ Just part of the 5* service.

The location of your sessions can be anywhere you choose; outside in the park, on the Stray, in your home, or in a private gym facility. We can accommodate your sessions around your day. I travel anywhere in Harrogate and the surrounding areas, including Knaresborough, Ripon and surrounding villages. If you are unsure, ask!

Nutrition Coaching

Receive a full assessment of your current nutrition and then embark on my habit-based system, involving changes that are easy to make and that can have a big effect. I want to see people moving away from a life led by restrictions, calories counting and diets and focusing more instead on making choices that make them feel better. Mindfulness and relationship to food are also areas that are commonly chosen to focus on.

Unlimited* contact outside of sessions for advice and support

A coach shouldn’t be limited to one hour a week. That’s what makes it personal. If you’re having a bad motivation day, or in a restaurant struggling what to decide to order from a menu, you know advice and support are just moments away right when you need it most. With a sense of accountability, it will also help keep you on track with your goals.

Clients often find this support the most helpful as usually the most difficult part of their week is not their 1 hour session; it’s what happens in between! Knowing that someone is there to support your health and fitness goals no matter what is often the most important thing that keeps clients going through the tough times.

*excluding evenings after 8pm and Sundays

Wellness advice, monthly goals

This aspect of the package works on improving your well-being. This is so important in our busy modern lives where we spend most of our time doing rather than being. It sets monthly goals which are small and manageable changes that integrate positive habits into your life. Create your journey: I use the tools and practices of meditation, self-care, mindfulness, stress, sleep, body-image, food relationship and breathing practices, emotional freedom technique (EFT) and internal family systems (IFS).


Pay As You Go Sessions

Sometimes a one-off Pay As You Go session fits our commitments better. If you are signed up to a package, it will have all the regular benefits of your normal package. Contact me for more details.

Minset coaching

Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching is included as an option in one-to-one coaching.

It can be used by itself, or in conjunction with the other areas of coaching above. You don't have to want to do therapy to train or coach with me. You don't have to want to train or coach to do therapy with me.

Improve your relationship to yourself.


Learn how to calm a racing mind, befriend the inner critic and find out what inner peace feels like.

As a coach, I focus on areas that may not get a diagnosis, but which still interfere with your life.

You might be struggling to stop:

- criticizing yourself

- people pleasing

- procrastinating

- let yourself rest and burning out

- have more self-compassion

- express your creativity

- making a big decision

- difficult relationship with your body and/or food

- stick to a habit

- all or nothing mindset

I use a combination of emotional freedom technique, somatic approaches and internal family systems (IFS) in my coaching, which involves helping you process your emotions and have a more understanding and compassionate relationship with yourself.

Internal Family Systems Model (IFS) of therapy is a highly effective, evidence-based therapeutic framework grounded in systems thinking. IFS was developed in response to clients’ descriptions of various parts within themselves as a way to “de-pathologize” the multi-part personality. It is incredibly gentle way of working, that truly honours all parts of you, and can offer great healing. For more on this, take a read of this short blog post I wrote on it. 

Please note, I am NOT a therapist, meaning:

I don’t offer crisis support outside of sessions.

I don’t work with clients who are at risk of harming to themselves or others when dysregulated, such as physical violence, overuse of substances where overdose is possible, or mood dysregulation severe enough to endanger the client’s physical safety or job. I recommend to clients in this situation that they seek out a therapist trained in treating complex trauma.


I do work with clients on issues for which they don’t have a diagnosis.

If you would like to know more or have specific questions about that ways in which I work and whether they would suit you, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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