My biggest success is the enlightenment and awakening to what I desperately needed but was always too busy to realise/do…prioritising ME! Self-rediscovery and being honest and frank with myself with what really makes me tick and why. I struggled for a while trying to figure and understand out my deep why, but now I really do get it. 


I’m most surprised over the direction this journey has taken. I set out to regain focus in my exercise and eating but have gained so much more by tackling the root cause and not just the symptoms. I’m feeling more empowered now that I’m on the road to better self care that I will make time for what’s important to me.


I’m honestly so grateful for this journey and our time together, Caroline. I’ve gained so much more than I could ever have hoped for. Thanks so much!

— Charlotte, coaching client


I had never exercised before I started training with Caroline. I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have made. Caroline has supported me and made me feel so comfortable,  confident in what I am doing and empowered. I feel really good about my progress and can really see the results. She is an amazing trainer and a wonderful person. A massive thank you to her, i look forward to my sessions every week 😊

— Liz, PT client

'Caroline has been supporting me on my journey back to fitness for the last 2 months following hip surgery and really does care!


She also listens to the person as an individual, and is incredibly clever and knowledgeable with all her advice. She understands we’re not all 21 any more and has helped me improve everything - not just workouts but nutrition and general knowledge too.


Don’t get me wrong - she’s no pushover and has a gentle yet fun way of pushing you that little bit more!! I am stronger than ever and ❤️ having a Plan! Would totally recommend her to anyone looking to get stronger and fitter.'

— Jenni, PT client


When I met Caroline I was overweight, tired and totally unfit. I was also full of excuses: my job, my young children, lots of business travel... Since working with Caroline for 5 months on food, hydration and exercise I have lost 14kg and feel fantastic. 


She has changed my life (and my body shape) and I feel so much happier.


She has kept me on track and motivated all along even through the summer holidays and when I am working abroad.


I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough.

— Karen, coaching client


'Working with The Plan has been a real adventure!


I started my journey naively thinking I just needed to eat ‘less and move more’ for a couple of months to achieve my goal (to fit in pre-lockdown work skirts).  This journey has been a roller-coaster of self-discovery, a journey which has led to significant changes to daily choices I make.


The Plan is not a journey about 1-1 sessions in a gym, it is a holistic experience which impacts all aspects of your individual lifestyle. 

 I am now happier, healthier, more confident, toned and fitter! I never thought six months ago I would relish rounding off the week at the gym at 7pm on a Friday night smashing PBs.


Each session is bespoke and tailored to challenge physically and mentally whilst at the same time motivational. Working with Caroline is awesome – it’s exciting, inspirational, energising and every now and again a little bit scary as you step outside your comfort zone.

The secret of working with The Plan is simple – just show up!

— Sue, coaching client


— Jess, coaching client

"I’m so glad I decided to invest in myself by working with Caroline. It’s such a relief to feel supported around the clock and to have someone cheering on my team!


The work we’re doing is really helping me to set realistic goals which feel sustainable in the long term and every week I feel like I’m taking steps forwards in becoming the best version of myself.


Caroline is also the best yoga teacher I’ve had and I really enjoy her holistic approach to well-being."

'Caroline's sessions are always fun and individually designed around your goals and all her advice is sensible and ultimately doable in real life. I really feel like I have someone rooting for me the whole way.


I have been training with Caroline for just over 4 months now and the transformation in that time has been nothing short of amazing; my weight, measurements, dress size and resting heart rate have all decreased significantly and my strength and cardio fitness have soared.


No hesitation whatsoever in recommending The Plan!'

— Kathryn, coaching client

'Fun sessions, Caroline is enthusiastic, interested and knowledgeable. Love the sessions.


I felt so strong that I climbed 3000 metres over the week whilst ski touring and my body never let me down.


Thank you for all the thought you put into my training schedule, and advice you gave me about resting and nutrition.'

— Judith, PT client