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welcome to the cirCle

we are the plan

A circle of women creating long term health, strength. fitness, vibrancy, confidence and connection.

- Meet your coach, Caroline Dunne - 

What is The Circle about?

(and how to know if it's for you)


Long haul mentality

  • We're doing this for life, for life: we know we’re investing in ourselves for rest of our life, and so that we can create, enjoy and live life more.

  • Letting go of the all-or-nothing: we know life will always be lifey. We meet ourselves exactly where we’re at, and exactly as we are amidst the challenges and chaos.

  • We practice imperfection. We do not have to be perfect or consistent. Instead, we are relentless: we do what we can do with what we have, however more, less, small and imperfect that might look like.

  • Not pursuing high intensity, ‘no-pain no gain’, ‘be more’ approaches to our health and fitness

  • We focus on how we want to feel and who we want to be over aesthetics, weight loss, quick fixes or transformation. Our outcomes are the by-products of what we do.

Kindness & compassion

  • We build self-trust so that we learn to show up for ourselves, knowing we may never have been taught this in the past

  • We observe ourselves, we learn and we offer kindness and compassion to ourselves, in actions and in words.

  • We trust that each of us has the guidance and power we need already within us. We honour each person and we don’t presume to advise, fix or save one another

  • We’re curious about our mind, and how our body and nervous system experience life; perhaps very differently from each other.

  • In a world that measures our worth in how much we do, we invest in our nervous systems and cultivate the relaxed woman within.


We’re after deep health

  • We recognise our health is so much more than just what we eat and how we move

  • We nourish and invest in our mind, body and soul equally, not pursuing any at the expense of another

  • We appreciate and honour the seasons of life, in the outside world, in our lives and internally. Our focus, capacity, goals, abilities, mind and bodies will all change. We’re here for the now.

  • We trust that small changes add up to remarkable results, knowing that there’ll be probably discomfort and frustration, but also hope, joy, surprise, connection and a deeper sense of self and peace within that process.

  • Our journey is about coming home to ourselves, and the sense of space, peace, power and strength that comes from that.

How It Works

A year long rolling programme (that you can join or leave anytime) that combines the best of group coaching, live classes, weekly content and daily support.
Each month has a theme:
January - Choice
February - Peace
March - Feel
You get:

(The schedule evolves and changes to meet demand, plus past masterclasses and yoga classes are available in the video library - so don't worry if you can't make all the live classes!)

Weekly live sessions

Fridays 7am for 30-45 minutes.
All replays available afterwards




Meditating on hillside



Walk in nature



Squat Workout



We come together in a special circle of support, with reflections, intentions, teaching, journalling and Q & A.

Here we offer each other space to explore questions, challenges and set our sights on the new month ahead.

Calm classes help us nurture the relaxed woman within.


They combine meditation, breath work, visualisation, tapping, and yin and restorative yoga,

Change workshops are centered around nutrition and mindset, where we dive deep into tools and skills to implement change in own lives.

These workshops can also be accessed separately PAYG to get a taste of the membership.

In centre sessions, we centre in on ourselves through movement.


Each class uniquely combines strength, mobility, yoga, shaking, stomping, pandiculation, dance and resistance training.

Weekly practices

Take ACTIONABLE takeaways from each session:

  • handouts & coaching tasks from the live calls

  • weekly pre-recorded 5, 10 and 15 minute small practices that lead on from the live call themes and habits

  • access to all past content and call recordings


  • chat, accountability & support within the member's group


Join today, and get thESE great bonusES!

1. Join The Circle at ANY LEVEL and you get A 7 DAY FREE TRIAL. Join anytime, leave anytime. We don't hold you hostage.

2. You get ME; personal trainer, yoga teacher, nutrition coach, wellness fanatic and science geek with a decade of experience in education; training you LIVE every week on the latest health, fitness and wellness advice and techniques.

3. After 30 days, you get a FREE 30 minute coaching call to help you identify where to focus and what are the fastest ways to achieve you goals (value £40)


Have you ever felt the unique, powerful, caring energy a group of women gathered generates?

In the member's area, you'll have constant access to the group that gives you connection with each other: we share the silly, the wonderful, the tearful, the challenges, and the downright fabulous

In this space, we hold each other in our uniqueness as we figure things out for ourselves. We hold each other accountable, we honour our differences and we support each others' dreams.

The Circle call each week is a powerful extension of this energy. We gather online to share and reflect on the previous week and to generate intentions for the week ahead. We encourage each member to set up their space with a candle and to feel calm and comfortable for them - this weekly ritual both grounds and inspires us.

In our small community, we care.

We'll meet you where you're at. You can come with a jumbled mind, and heavy heart, and together, we'll create the rest.

I originally joined The Plan to lose weight for my wedding, after 6 years of struggling with my weight. What I never expected was to get strong! I can't believe how much I can do now compared to 5 months ago. I've always hated PE, I've been thin before but never fit. Caroline has made exercise so much more fun that I can honestly say I've never wanted to press snooze in the morning!! I did not think this would be possible!! I have so much more energy now, and never slept so well! Thank you so much for you all your help and support Caroline!!
- Gemma

Hi, I'm Caroline Dunne

Img (106 of 111).jpg
I know you're here for a reason.

I know you've tried stuff in the past, and this time you're looking for a new way.

Why do so many people struggle to exercise more, eat better, feel great about themselves, and have the energy they need in their life?

There fitness industry has been doing things wrong; we put people in boxes, we separate goals and skills. We chuck out random advice, we propagate false myths, we encourage diet culture and we don't look after our clients' minds & souls. 

Here, we do DEEP HEALTH:

science-backed, soul led

You are a gloriously messy, complicated human with a busy life and multiple challenges.
You need to understand yourself, with curiosity and compassion.

You need a community to raise you up and support you.
You need an understanding of how your body, spirit AND mind works.

Explore and create your world of fitness, wellness and full health: the woman within you who is powerful and relaxed, strong and confidence, vibrant and peaceful.

Who this is for:

Those who are serious about committing to change and growing as an individual
Those who enjoy being individually known in a small community
Those willing to get involved and support others
Those who enjoy learning and new ideas
Those who enjoy exercising & vibing at home

Who this is not for:

Those who want a big gym vibe
Those who want to give up after the first go
Those who want a quick fix
Those who have particular health or fitness challenges - One-to-One Coaching may be a better fit for you, or working with a different health professional (do get in touch if you're not sure).
Try FREE for 7 days
Cancel any time

I'm inviting you
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