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The Plan Insider

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for health, fitness and wellness

Live classes, a community that cares, masterclasses, workshops & events; this is the membership that helps you find full mental, physical and emotional vibrancy.
Strength in mind, body & spirit.
Happy, strong, healthy, confident and grounded.
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The Plan cares for all of YOU. We care for you personally, individually, and appreciate all the messy difficulties that happen in your life.

We teach you how to get strong, fit, happy, healthy and confident; in mind, body and spirit... if you're just beginning, or wanting to go next level.

- Meet your coach, Caroline Dunne - 

Join The Plan and you'll learn...​​

  • how sweating, playing and growing stronger together can feel so amazing
  • the difference a community of like-minded, supportive people firing and raising each other up can make
  • how your best effort is good enough
  • how consistency is more important than perfection
  • how to create sustainable change in fitness, nutrition, and habits through courses, monthly masterclasses and events
  • how to look after your body AND mind
  • how to explore what works for you with curiosity, compassion
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How It Works

This is a monthly membership that gives you:
Unlimited ONLINE LIVE fitness & yoga classes (7/week)
Access to Content Library of past yoga classes, workshops & events
LIVE monthly wellness masterclass
Access to Facebook Group - The Plan Insider
Lifetime access to Getting Started 7-day course AND The Get Fit Plan
New monthly content, classes and courses!

(The schedule evolves and changes to meet demand, plus past masterclasses and yoga classes are available in the video library - so don't worry if you can't make all the live classes!)

Here's What You Get Today

Join The Plan at ANY LEVEL and you get A 7 DAY FREE TRIAL
And a 7-day course on getting started:
  • IMMEDIATE access to my £68 course, The Getting Started Plan! This lays out my step-by-step guide to creating sustainable change. Struggled to stick to stuff in the past? Then this is PRICELESS.

  • Day 2 UNLOCKED: Getting clear and confident on what you want to want to achieve

  • Day 3 UNLOCKED: Creating the energy you need in your life

  • Day 4 UNLOCKED: Explore how to create changes in nutrition that feel good in mind and body

  • Day 5 UNLOCKED: Make movement work for you in your life and you body

  • Day 6 UNLOCKED: Engineering the courage you need to make changes

  • Day 7 UNLOCKED: How to commit and make change last.

Immediate access to Video Library of past classes, workshops and events
Start booking into your first FIT, FLOW and RELAX classes
Invitation to join The Plan Insider Facebook Community
1. You get ME; personal trainer, yoga teacher, nutrition coach, wellness fanatic and science geek with a decade of experience in education; training you LIVE every month on the latest health, fitness and wellness advice and techniques.
2. After 30 days, you get a FREE 30 minute coaching call to help you identify where to focus and what are the fastest ways to achieve you goals.
3. Members qualify for discounted and FREE events.
4. More courses created and unlocked throughout the year!

You're not a number or a statistic; I want to get to know as many of you individually as possible. In our small community, we care.

We'll meet you where you're at. You can come with a jumbled mind, and heavy heart, and together, we'll create the rest.

I originally joined The Plan to lose weight for my wedding, after 6 years of struggling with my weight. What I never expected was to get strong! I can't believe how much I can do now compared to 5 months ago. I've always hated PE, I've been thin before but never fit. Caroline has made exercise so much more fun that I can honestly say I've never wanted to press snooze in the morning!! I did not think this would be possible!! I have so much more energy now, and never slept so well! Thank you so much for you all your help and support Caroline!!
- Gemma
The BEST VALUE health, fitness and wellness membership - just the classes alone work out at just £2.14 each (from The Plan PLUS) - never mind ALL the other bonuses!!

Hi, I'm Caroline Dunne

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I have a question for you:
Why haven't you made the changes you want to make in your life yet?
Why haven't they stuck long term?
Why do so many people struggle to exercise more, eat better, feel great about themselves, and have the energy they need in their life?
There fitness industry has been doing things wrong; we put people in boxes, we separate goals and skills. We chuck out random advice, we propagate false myths, we encourage diet culture and we don't look after our clients minds. 
The HUGE and OBVIOUS problem:
You are HUMAN.
A gloriously messy, complicated human with a busy life and multiple challenges.
You need to understand yourself, with curiosity and compassion.
You need a community to raise you up and support you.
You need an understanding of how your body AND mind works.
Explore and create your world of fitness, welness and full health. 

Who this is for:

Those who are serious about committing to change and growing as an individual
Those who enjoy being individually known in a small community
Those willing to get involved and support others
Those who enjoy learning and new ideas
Those who enjoy exercising & vibing at home (if you opt for the online plan)

Who this is not for:

Those who want a big gym vibe
Those who want to give up after the first go
Those who want a quick fix
Those who have particular health or fitness challenges - my Group or One-to-One Coaching may be a better fit for you
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